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The Importance Of Your Visual Brand

If you think Commercial Photographers don't need a logo, think again.

When you mail your promo material to art buyers, how do you think they recognize your work in the flood of promotional material they get each day? A lot of the photography they see looks alike. So how do you stand out if not by your images? Your best bet is to have a professional logo and a brand identity that reflects your personality and your photographic point-of-view.

A moment of truth:
When I was an art director working for magazines I went through my stack of promo cards once a week. I didn’t spend more than 3 seconds with each card. Having a visual reference (your brand design) is super important for art buyers to remember you & your work.

How To Get Noticed
by Art Buyers?

Working for advertising & editorial clients you know how important it is to make a good first impression. But have you ever thought about where your prospects get the first impression of you and your work? Do they get their first introduction on your Facebook page or do they see your portfolio book before they meet you in person?

Download your free copy of ‘How To Get Noticed By Art Buyers’. My Touchpoint Checklist will show you where else you can improve the way people get in touch with your brand.

Get your free copy by clicking on the button >>

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Does your brand
need a visual update?

Let’s talk: if you think your marketing material is outdated, you're ready for a new logo & brand design, you want to stand out from your competition, you want to reposition yourself, you’ve never had a logo, you want to attract different clients, you want to update your website, or if you need advice on how to bring a consistency into your branding online and offline, book a 20 min. free consultation.

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"Thank you so so so much for all your wonderful work.
We will for sure work together again."

Thompson & Homonnay (photographer duo)

How Can I Best Help You?

I’m curious to find out about your work, your vision and your goals. Book a 20 min free consultation so you can tell about your business and learn how I work with my design clients. My goal is to optimize your brand identity and to help you grow your brand recognition. You want people to have positive associations when they come to your website, receive your promo material, etc.

My services:

Brand & Marketing Assessment
Portfolio Review
Brand Strategy

Brand Design:
Logo, fonts, colors, look & feel

Print Material:
Business card, postcards, leave behinds, stationary, etc.

Web Design:
Updates or new design on Squarepace sites
Design advice for all other portfolio sites

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Updating your branded material & website or creating a new brand & website require a different amount of hours.
After speaking with me about your design needs I’ll send you an estimate for your design project.

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To visit my old design website click HERE
To see a SquareSpace portfolio site I designed click HERE

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Let's talk about your design needs

Meet me for a FREE 20 min. Zoom call.
I look forward to answer your questions and to tell you more about
how my design services can support you reach your goals.