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Nothing Brings You Faster Change Than The Support Of Someone Who Gets You.

1-on-1 Coaching

Get empowered to create your dream business

Most photographers I know work really hard on improving their technical skills, defining their style, delivering great work, promoting themselves, etc. Being so busy all the time can take the focus off what’s needed to grow your business. 

As your coach I help you step back to see the possibilities and opportunities that you have missed by being so close to your own business. Finding out what you really want will open new doors to reach your goals. Let’s have a conversation.


  • Love what you’re doing 

  • Be confident in yourself

  • Develop your creativity

  • Define how people see you

  • Fine-tune your self promotion

  • Connect with more clients

  • Stay motivated and productive

Andrea has been a wealth of information, and the patient, guiding hand that I need to move my business forward. She took the time to understand me as a person first. She draws from her vast experience to suggest creative solutions for my business and always focuses on the positive while gently prodding me toward those tasks that are my most limiting.
— Tim Park, photographer

Coaching services

Get laser focused and strategic with ease

First Step – Set up a FREE 20 minute conversation. I look forward to hear what’s going on in your business and what kind of support you’re looking for. During our call you will find out more about my coaching process and what I can do for you.

Monthly Sessions – Imagine you have a shoulder injury and you need physical therapy. I’m sure you would go regularly to learn how to stretch and grow your muscles using the exercises your therapist teaches you. It’s the same with coaching. You want to commit to a least 6 sessions to give yourself enough time to integrate new strategies and tools into your business while getting the support and the accountability to stay focused on your goals.

Single Sessions – In case you have an urgent or specific topic you need advice or guidance with, we can meet for a single session. Possible topics: Portfolio Review, Brand Assessment, Marketing Assessment, or a general Strategy session.

Ready to thrive? – Find out how I can help you in a free 20 min. info call.

Put down your camera and schedule your free info session without committing to anything.

Put down your camera and schedule your free info session without committing to anything.


Book 1 x 20 min. conversation = Free
Book 1 x 60 min. coaching session = $175
Book 1 x 90 min. coaching session = $250
Commit to 6 x 60 min. coaching sessions = $950

Andrea is an excellent marketing coach. She has helped me to reevaluate my marketing approach in order to reach my ideal clientele. Andrea has great ideas and keen knowledge of how to get noticed in the photography industry.
— Daisy Rose Coby, photographer

What do you need right now?

Running your photography business and promoting yourself constantly can be overwhelming.
Let’s have a conversation about your challenges and how I can best support you.