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Coach and art director for photographers

My name is Andrea Lange. I grew up in Hamburg/Germany and come from a family of photographers and designers.

As an Art Director with decades of experience I still love the creative process of taking an idea and making it into beautiful ad campaigns, feature stories or branded design material. Over the years, I’ve worked for ad agencies, marketing firms and magazines like Men’s Health and San Francisco Magazine.

Over the last few years I was a representative at a leading online directory promoting top photographers. Through my regular conversations with photographers it became clear to me that many are overwhelmed or uncertain on how to best promote themselves.

That sparked my desire to pour my heart into Coaching Photographers on how to change their branding & marketing approach to stand out, get recognized and win more clients.


What do you need right now?

Running your photography business and promoting yourself constantly can be overwhelming.
Let’s have a conversation about your challenges & goals and how I can best support you.