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Know Your Difference!

Most of us start with not being great at promoting ourselves with confidence but you can learn how to create your unique brand & marketing plan to establish yourself as the photographer you want to be.

I’m here to help you reach your goals. Together we’ll come up with a plan for how to grow your photography business. My 20+ years as a graphic designer (marketing, advertising, publishing) and my experience as a sales rep for Production Paradise have taught me how I can best help commercial photographers to get from “not sure how I come across” to “this is me, my brand and my work”.

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Bring Your Business
To The Next Level

Stop looking for marketing tips and what other photographers do online. What you need to build your own successful photography business is stamina, determination and a brand & marketing strategy that is designed to help you reach your goals. Where better to invest than in the image you want art buyers to see.

You need a coach if you’re… 

…not sure about your photography style & creative point of view.
…feeling overwhelmed in making marketing decisions.
…not sure how to make a living with your photography.

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You Will Attract New Clients…

…when you’re clear on your difference.
…when you promote yourself systematically.
…when you’re consistent with your brand & marketing efforts.

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Lets Get You Started!

How Can I Best Support You?

Client attraction
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Branding & Marketing

In this 12-week online group coaching program you'll learn how to fine-tune your brand and set up a structured marketing campaign that truly reflects who you are as a photographer and helps you connect with your ideal clients.

1-on-1 coaching
4 Photographers

Personalized support

Have a trusted partner to help you select images for your portfolio, review your marketing approach, discuss your photographic direction, prepare for a treatment, etc. I will help you move forward. Get coached today.

Design Solutions
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Print & Web Design

Your promo material is often the first impression people get of you & your work. Having a clean, organized and easy to navigate website can make a lasting impression when it reflects your style and the brand of you.

How To Get Noticed By Art Buyers?

Working for advertising & editorial clients, you know how important it is to make a good first impression. Have you ever thought about where your prospects get the first impression of your work? Download your free copy of ‘How To Get Noticed By Art Buyers’ and fill out the touchpoint checklist. This will show your current commitment to introduce your brand to prospective clients.

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